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Ivanka Trumph Wedding Dress is The Best

Ivanka Trumph wedding dress is considered as the best wedding dress since ever. Ivanka wear this wedding dress on her marriage with her lovely husband. It was designed by Vera Wang as the popular wedding designer. Ivanka Trumph were looking very pretty and gorgeous wearing this white gown. The accent of the gown and also the color is perfect beside it also fit to her body. All look in her […]

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Gorgeous Wedding Dress for Your Special Day

Gorgeous wedding dress for your wedding day is absolutely making perfect your special day in your life. Your wedding day must be the best moment with your spouse and family. This celebration of happiness will never be forgotten as forever. To make your wedding celebration into a nice one then you should arrange everything need in your wedding day especially for wedding dress. Your wedding dress will make you look […]

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Stunning Beauty Gwen Stephani Wedding Dress

Gwen Stefani wedding dress is the most impressive wedding dress among other celebrity wedding dress. As we can see that Gwen Stefani is the popular woman singer. Her songs are also nice to be heard. Her genre of her songs are mostly pop songs and Hip Hop. Gwen Stefani married Gavin Rossdale which she wore her stunning impressive wedding dress. Wedding dress of Gwen Stefani was designed by the famous […]

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Oleg Cassini Wedding Dress is A Legend

Oleg Cassini wedding dress is a wedding dress which is designed by Oleg Cassini. He is a very popular designer which also designing in Hollywod artis dresses. All his wedding dresses are very popular and it is prestige for those who wear that on their wedding day. Oleg Cassini was born in Paris to count and countess Cassini. His grandfather was ambassador for Russia. He was born from good family […]

organza ruffle wedding dress

Organza Wedding Dresses For An Ornamental Wedding Wearing

Organza wedding dresses is wedding dresses that have any kind of organza fabric as the outer layer of the dress. Organza itself is a thin and lightweight silk fabric made of nylon, polyester, silk, or a mixture of all three. This fabric not only has a white color, but also can be made into other colors such as peach, blue, pink, etc. Nowadays, you can find various kinds of wedding […]

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Viewing Bella Swan Wedding Dress As Elegant And Romantic Bride

Bella swan wedding dress is kind of wedding dress worn by the fictional character Bella Swan in the hit film Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Many people are wondering and want to know the details about the wedding dress. In fact, some sources say that the key word Bella swan wedding gown is the most searched on the internet after Kate Middleton wedding gown keyword. Further Info About Bella Wedding […]

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Knowing Dennis Rodman Wedding Dress

Dennis Rodman wedding dress is one of the incidents that are not easily forgotten, especially among basketball lovers. The incident occurred at around 1996 and involves a famous American basketball player Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman is known as a professional basketball player for forward position. He is considered as the best player for the NBA’s rebounding forward during history as written in his biography in NBA.com. Still, many of his […]

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Types Of Wedding Dresses For Women’s Different Body Shapes

Actually, there are various types of wedding dresses. Most designers suggest the type of wedding gown that is tailored should match the shape of the body. Talking about the body shape to choose the type of dress that fits, there are four kinds of basic shapes of dress you need to know. Once you know that four kinds, we expected one of them to be an option as your wedding […]

1920s fashion wedding dresses

A Classic Elegant 1920s Wedding Dresses

1920s wedding dresses is a trend that is very popular in his time. For those of you who want a wedding concept with a classic wedding dress, wedding dresses applying the 1920s could be one of the concepts that are unique to you. Applying something that has long is not something antiquated or outdated, it could even give the impression of classic and attractive in today’s modern era. By giving […]

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Applying Colorful Wedding Dresses

Colorful wedding dresses, the color is a matter that can affect fashion clothes you wear. Selection of good color will make you become more beautiful appearance as well; it will be a very important thing to note for you. For example only, for those of you who have fair skin color, giving a bright color clothes will make you look more perfect whereas those of you who have a dark […]